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On this ride to nowhere we have never been before

Resident Evil comics - Code Veronica & Fire and Ice

After one hell of a lot of searching, disappointments, and frustration (and then five days worth of painfully slow P2P downloading, risking never reaching completion) I have finally acquired the infamous Resident Evil comics/official graphic novels, Code Veronica and Fire & Ice, written by Lee Chung Hing, drawn by Hui King Sum, and translated/published by Wildstorm/DC comics.

I swore to spam the living daylights out of the internet with these files should my download complete, in an effort to make sure no one ever had that kind of difficulty finding them ever again.

Links to the separate file downloads, large and small image sizes, and for online-viewing can be found at this page.

I'm not about to profess that they're very good, but certainly worth a look for the die-hard Resi fan. Enjoy!

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